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Unexpected! I thought you’re gonna stay.. haist! You’re the first person I saw (BOH), talked to (exchange of “hi” and “hello”), even the first person I got close in Jamba Juice, it’s hard for me to accept that you gonna leave us in BHS.. But I know it’s for your own good to be with eastwood family, I know you’ll have fun coz you’re with TL Maj (sorry GM na pla! Hahaha!) and TL Melvin.. Gonna miss you big time girl.!! But now it will be more easier for us to have RD ng sabay-sabay.. and have lots of overnight, gala, we can even watch movie na together.. ILOVEYOUSOMUCH @rayceltantengco GONNAMISSYOUSOMUCH!!!! #friendship #jambajuicefamily #girlthing

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